Pin Maps – Geography


This is what learning the countries, capitals and national flags of the countries of the world looks like if you attend the Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse. For each of the five continents there is a set of 4 maps, like this set of North America.

A trademark of Montessori education is the feature of the ‘built-in control of error’ in the materials. This means that the materials allow the child to correct his/her own work, without the intervention of an adult. Making mistakes is a natural part of learning, and it is essential to learning, and this self-correction helps the child to develop confidence.

For each continent, there is one working map and three control maps. When learning the names and position of the countries of the continent, the child works with the green country name flags, the pin flags are placed into the tiny holes of their corresponding country, and when the work is completed the child can check the work with the country name control mapP1080843.


When learning the names of the capital cities, the child works with the red flags on the working map and the cities control map. With the flag control map, the child can also check whether the flags are matched with their respective countries!



The work is in the child’s hands and the correction too. This is the way the information can be internalized and a love for the subject matter developed.

This work follows on perfectly from the work with the puzzle maps from the Montessori 3-6 classroom. In fact, the knobs on the puzzle maps are placed in the exact position of the capital cities of each country! Everything has a purpose and everything is linked!

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