Movable Alphabet – Language


The Movable Alphabet is a beautiful wooden material, with all the letters of the alphabet in cursive script.  With this material, the children embark on a great journey of Word Study which begins straight away in the beginning of lower elementary.

Word study  helps to build vocabulary and aid spelling as it reinforces regularities and it highlights exceptions. Word study strengthens reading comprehension because the children learn the meanings of roots and affixes and they discover that knowing some roots and affixes already helps them to decode new words!

The children work with affixes:

P1080852suffixes, P1080854 and prefixes;


compound words;

 P1080855 and word families.

From this work, the root of words becomes very easily visible. Working with words in this way is fun and allows for a systematic build-up of vocabulary. All the while, the children are becoming accustomed to the formation of the letters in cursive script, and they are ‘collecting words’ and practicing spelling.

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