Historical Art

The Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse received its first gift – Historical Art – dedicated to Maria Montessori. Today, I think its display could be categorized as art, but back in the day when I was an elementary student, it was official currency in Italy. This piece of historical art, a 1000 Lira note, has traveled from Italy to the Netherlands and now to Aruba, not to mention what a life it led while it was in Italy.


Most recently, this 1000 Lira note was gifted by dear friends of the Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse in Aruba, not to spend wisely on materials (1000 Lira = $0.71 US or Afl. 1.27), but to display in the classroom as a dedication to Maria Montessori and as an inspirational piece of historical art from which uncountable avenues of exploration will be embarked upon: currency exchange calculations, international currencies, art on currency, history of education, where/how money is made, the origin and function of money… to name but a few!

In 1990, the Italian Government honoured Dr. Montessori by putting her image on the 1000 Lira note, with an image of two children on the back side of the note.


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