Help us meet our goal of $250,000 before 1 June 2022 – on GoFundMe

Help us bring the children back to the land!

Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse has grown from a school in a house with 20 children in 2017 to a Schoolhouse with 40 children: a growing, whole, peaceful and purposeful community. We want to create a permanent expanded home in nature for our community to evolve and grow into the future, here in Aruba, in Summer 2022. We want to buy a Schoolhouse Community Farm with buildings and land to offer sustainable and holistic education for all ages and we want to do that now. To do that now, we need your help. 

Our school creates a new culture of kindness, patience, respect, love and joy. We don’t just teach math, languages, yoga, art and crafts, cooking and music; we teach life, how to preserve it, for all living beings on our planet, today and for future generations and that is where we need you.

In order to support our vision, we need a new expanded wilder space that can welcome more children, from all ages and social classes. There is a place for us in nature in the north of our beautiful island, a Schoolhouse Community Farm, in our neighbourhood and it is waiting for the loving attention of the children to bring it back to life. There we will continue to develop the children’s skills in self-sustainability, entrepreneurship, non-violent communication and peaceful conflict resolution, along with innovative solutions for our whole community and beyond. 

As a non-profit organization, in its fifth year of operation, to purchase and renovate the farm and buildings now we need to raise funds. Along with traditional sources of funding, with this GoFundMe campaign, we are showing that the local and global community stands strongly behind this initiative. 

Your donation will ensure that we can provide a permanent home for our Schoolhouse children. With every dollar you donate, you are planting a seed for the future and uplifting our initiative to allow us to bring the children back to the land.

It is time to take action! And we are ready! Are you with us? Donate now! Become a member of our greater community to allow our vision to become a reality. 

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