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Starting August 2017

Montessori Elementary Education is expanding in Aruba!

The Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse will be launched in August 2017!

The bilingual Montessori school will begin working with children from 6-9 years of age, (Grade 1-4), with two adults – 1 AMI certified English-speaking Montessori Elementary teacher and 1 Dutch-speaking tutor and practical life Aide!

The school will be located in Palm Beach and school hours will be from 8am – 2:30 pm.

Contact Carol for an appointment for more information!


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Montessori Elementary Materials are in Aruba!

DSC_0978DSC_0979  DSC_0981



The Montessori Materials have arrived in Aruba! All 3 cubic metres of them! Of course the first box to be opened to be inspected is the one all the way from Nienhuis in the Netherlands – Dutch Grammar Materials!

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Montessori Materials on their way to Aruba!

The big step has been taken and now we have to sit back (not likely) checkerboard-1and await with much excitement the arrival of the beautiful Montessori elementary materials which will make their way from the corners of the USA all the way to Aruba.

division board

Shiny new materials: language, maths, geography, history, science, art, music… they are all in there! Take a look at the Materials Blog for ideas of what will be ready for presentations for interested parents in the beginning of 2014! The Keys to the Universe are on their way!

bead frameOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Microscope

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Record Keeping with MRX

The Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse in Aruba is getting its record-keeping system up and running. MRX is a record system built especially with Montessori schools in mind and enables a teacher and parents to track the progress of the children in the curriculum and, as an added bonus, this progress through the Montessori curriculum is linked with the goals set by the school. In the case of the Montessori Elementary Schoolhouse, this means that the progress through the Montessori lessons is linked with the US Common Core standards, as well as the Dutch Core Objectives! OF course it also has other features accessible to staff and parents alike, such as the academic calendar, class lists, birthday lists, to name but a few.

MRX Record Keeping

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Dutch Citotest

Montessori pupils perform best in primary school tests

RTL News, Saturday 14 September 2013

Children at Montessori primary schools perform better than those at traditional schools, RTL news reports after studying the results of nationwide tests. Most of the country’s 11 and 12 year-olds take the Cito test in their final year of primary school. The results help determine what sort of secondary education they will go on to. Judges ruled last week the results could be made public, allowing parents and teachers to compare school performance.

RTL says the 155 Montessori schools in the Netherlands scored an average of 8.1 in the tests. The 6,100 schools offering traditional education scored an average 7.5, while Free Schools, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, scored an average 6.5.Montessori schools offer children more choice in deciding what and when to study. They are also taught in mixed age groups. School governors are opposed to the publication of the Cito scores because they think parents will only look at the results. Many are considering dropping the tests, news agency Novum says.

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